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Tamara's Healing Garden... simply, is Tamara Joy's Heart.
It was taught to her that the heart of all people is the seat of happiness and health.

The all new store is bringing energy to downtown Mt. Shasta with inovative unique products, yoga classes and more.

  • Yoga Therapy
  • Subtle Energy Infused Products
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga
  • Calming & Relaxing Products
  • Health Workshops
  • And More!

The heart is a garden where a person can cultivate a relationship with their Creator and find true purpose and passion in life. Just like an outdoor garden, you can choose to water and feed your heart daily or you can ignore it and feel it wither. When you learn to listen to your heart and live purpose-filled from a place of Divine Love, your body and mind will find joy and healing in ways never imagined.